What to Expect from Us


We are reliable and you can trust us

We will respond to your order immediately and ensure that you receive a quality product. If you are not completely happy with our products you can return them as per our return policy.  It is important to us that you feel confident in purchasing our products from our online shop and that our products genuinely work for you and add value to your life without harming you, your family or Mother Earth.

We do care and are approachable

We are always looking for ways to help those with serious skin condition problems and those who are looking for ways to leave a cleaner more earth friendly lifestyle.  If you need help with choosing the correct product please don’t be shy.  Give us a call on 072 122 9971 or email us on carien.wessels@l-infini.co.za.  It’s extremely important to us that we deliver exceptional customer service.

Are your products really Hand-Made?

Yes.  Although this is hard work, we believe that the personal touch we give to each jar of cream or soap or bottle of serum infuses the product with the love and light that L’infini is being built on. Of course we do use some sort of machinery like Homogenizers and Mixers for our creams, but it’s all managed, packaged and labeled by hand. Note that although we design our own labels, we do have them professionally printed so that our packaging can display the quality of the product.

Are all your products organic?

We try to use as many certified organic ingredients in our products as we can.  Keep in mind that all our products however are Natural, and where we can find organic ingredients or grow and macerate it ourselves we use it.  We also try to keep our products as cost effective as possible and sometimes using certified organic oils in certain cases will just make the end product too expensive, so to keep in line with our ‘Natural, Clean and as affordable is possible’ motto, we simply ensure that we purchase our ingredients from trustworthy suppliers who share in the same passion for keeping it pure and natural.

Is your products cruelty free?

Yes. We have gone through a lot effort to ensure that the raw ingredients we use are cruelty free to ensure that our end products are cruelty free as well.  We love animals, we love nature and we take every effort making sure that this love shines through in our products. With all this said, we are also registered with “Beauty without Cruelty” (BWC) South Africa, which means that every new ingredient we want to add must get their stamp of approval first.

What is Your Ingredient Policy?

Our products are formulated in such a way that it is earth, animal and people friendly.  What this means is that we check every raw ingredient to ensure that there are no harmful synthetic components and fragrances in them and, that our suppliers comply with the necessary COSMOS, EcoCert and Cruelty Free agreements, which has been set in place for consumer protection. It is extremely important to us that our products really benefit our customers, providing them the skin healing properties which we so abundantly find in Nature.  Going natural and as organic as possible is good for our way of life and the preserve of our beautiful earth, so we take these things very seriously.  Because of this we place ingredient lists with every single product so that our customers know what we put into our natural cosmetics. You can be sure that none of our products contains the following harmful ingredients:

*** Monoethanolamine (MEA), Diethanolamine (DEA), Triethanolamine (TEA),

*** Synthetic Fragrances or oils like proplyne glycol or petrolatum

*** Parabens

*** Talc or synthetic powders

*** Diazolidinyl Urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea

*** SLS – Sodium Laurel/Laureth sulphate

We also value your input so please feel free to contact us if you ever notice an Ingredient in our products that you think might be harmful.  The industry is now constantly changing information especially with the world getting more conscience about the safety of consumer products and harmful ingredients, so information can get outdated, or we might just not be up to speed with the change yet (although staying up to date is priority for us).  You can be assured that we will act immediately to get clarity and if necessary remove it from our products.

Where else can I buy your products?

At the moment L’infini Natural Skin Care products can only be purchased on our website or at the markets we attend twice a month. We are however not against having our products displayed and sold in shops around the country and welcome any wholesalers who will be interested.  Please contact us if you would like to sell our products.

How will I know if the essential oils used in your products will not cause harm to me or my children?

We strictly follow the EU’s IFRA standards – 48th Amendment to the Code of Practice for Carrier and Essential oil usage and do not use more than 2% essential oils in our formulas to ensure our products are safe to use.  We are not medical practitioners and therefore cannot give advise on any medical related queries or issues you might have concerning the usage of certain oils. So we strongly advise that if you are in doubt, please consult your doctor.  What we do ensure is that we will state in our Ingredient lists if we are using Nut Oils or any type of oils that might be “off-limits” when pregnant or breast feeding. 

Are your products vegan?

98% of our products are vegan, meaning we do not use animal by-products, propolis or dairy in our products.  However we do have 2 products (Our Gardeners Healing Balm and our Natural Lip Balm) that do contain Beeswax.  We are now looking into changing this to a more vegan friendly option and will definitely advertise it on our website when we do.

My Question has not been answered

We are very friendly and would love to assist our customers to the best we can.  So please contact us if you need any other information not published on our website.