Our Story

Lè-fè-ni meaning 'Infinity'

We believe that Nature provides us with an abundant of Infinite healing methods and plants, and at L’infini we make use of those methods to formulate herbs, flowers and  plants into products that are friendly and kind to Mother Earth as well as your health and your skin.

100% Natural Healing Balms & Essential Oil Serums

Our Herbal healing balm and our facial serums, beard oils and essential oil treatments are 100% Anhydrous based products.  No preservatives. No chemicals. No synthetic fragrances.

Endorsed by BWC South Africa

This means that no harm comes to animals when making our products.  It also means that we don’t use any animal by-products apart from Beeswax which you will only find in our Healing & Lip balms.

Hand Made , Hand Packaged and Hand Labeled

We provide quality, & authenticity together with the personal healing touch our products are so famous for, by keeping it real.

Who we are and where we come from!

L’infini originated from our love for Nature and our beliefs in the power of Holistic and Energy Healing. Our Logo also resembles this love and power of infinite healing which we can benefit from when using that which Mother Nature so freely provides us.

Located between Bela-Bela & Thabazimbi with a distribution depot in Johannesburg, South Africa, L’infini is a young upcoming Natural Skin Care business that honor’s animals, the environment, and our clients skin care needs, and we are proud to say that all our products are hand-made (where possible) and Natural, meaning our anhydrous products are 100% Natural and our Creams are 99% Natural (due to usage of Nature derived preservatives & emulsifying waxes – all which are Internationally Eco Certified Approved).

We are a mother and daughter team who always talked about creating our own natural organic body product range and this passion has birthed L’infini. Now attuned Reiki Masters as well as mom being a Crystal Healing and Chakra balancing practitioner, L’infini products not only provide healing from mother nature, but also healing through the power of Reiki and Crystals.

At L’infini, skin products are formulated and made with “Healing” in mind.  For us it’s important that our products make a difference on the skin and overall wellbeing of our customers as well as the well-being of Nature.  L’infini products assist with skin problems, like Acne, Eczema, sun damage, skin ageing, dry and sensitive skin types, etc.   But this is not just our main focus; we also create products for people with normal skin tones and types to encourage the usage of Natural products above chemical infused products and we are busy expanding our brand to also include an Ethnic Range.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that all of our Herbs that we use for making macerated herbal oils, are organically grown on our small holding in the Bushveld, and the essential oils we use, are sourced from Organic farmers, thus allowing us to use ‘Natural – Organic’ on our labels.

None of our raw ingredient products has been tested on Animals and all products are bio-degradable and ECOCert approved, meaning that our products are free from, GMO’s, Parabens, SLS, PEGS, Synthetic Fragrances and Colorants.  Every ingredient we use, has been carefully selected to ensure that it complies with the global NPA (Natural Products Association) and Global Soil Association Standards.

With all this in hand, L’infini is now also endorsed by BWC (Beauty without Cruelty) and will soon start the process for our endorsement through EcoCert.

Our Mission!

To make more people aware of the healing power that Mother Nature can provide us, and to ensure that they benefit from this through our healing body products.   A, L’infini body or facial cream or a healing balm will do wonders for your skin and your health.  And our beautifully hand crafted herbal and gemstone bracelets will allow you to carry with you, the lovely fragrances of Natures Essential oils wherever you are, day or night.


By choosing L’infini products, you choose to support a Greener, Happier Earth and a Healthier you!

Meet Us

Carien Wessels, Owner, Reiki Master & Natural Skin Care Formulator

Rina Bekker, Co-Owner, Reiki Master & Herbalist